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Slow Down, Move Over: New law to prevent roadside deaths

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From Septemeber, the NSW Government will introduce the Slow Down, Move Over law which will force drivers to slow down to 40km/h and leave extra room when passing emergency services.

The rule will cover police and firefighters but roadside mechanics, tow truck drivers and good Samaritans won’t be protected.

Last month Ben Fordham spoke with Peter Frazer whose daughter Sarah was killed after she was struck by a passing vehicle while waiting on the side of the road by her broken down car.

The NRMA mechanic who was also hit.

NRMA’s Pete Khoury tells Ben Fordham the laws were developed “purely for that matter” but now, they don’t even apply to people in a similar situation.

“What we have got to is a situation where a law has been introduced, that had it been introduced three or four days or four months before that accident, would’ve done nothing to protect Sarah or the NRMA person who went to help her.”

He says drivers to need to slow down when they see breakdowns or accidents on the side of the road.

“If they think there is an incident they’ll slow down because they want to see what happens. They don’t tend to slow down when there’s a breakdown.”

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