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Single mum left traumatised after brazen Gumtree robbery

A single mum has been robbed by two men who came to her house to purchase phones advertised on Gumtree.

Nicole answered the door at around 7:30pm last night and invited a man, who said his name was David, into her house.

He snatched the two iPhones, worth $2500, and threw them to his accomplice before fleeing the scene.

Nicole phoned Ben Fordham in tears after her insurance company refused to cover the cost because she invited the man into her home.

She says she won’t be selling anything on Gumtree in the future.

“It’s over for me.”

But two unbelievably generous listeners came to the rescue, offering to give Nicole a helping hand with her upcoming holiday.

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“I hope it restores your faith a little bit in humanity,” says caller David.