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‘Sickening’ submissions used to get paedophile killer out of jail

It’s been revealed convicted paedophile Michael Guider’s legal team made “sickening” submissions to the court to secure his release from prison tomorrow.

Guider has been in jail since 1996 after pleading guilty to drugging, molesting and killing nine-year-old Sydney schoolgirl Samantha Knight, as well as 60 child sex offences.

The 68-year-old will be released from jail on Thursday on a five-year extended supervision order after serving out his maximum sentence.

The submissions for his release include the argument that Guider is unlikely to re-offend because child pornography has caught up with “the modern digital world” where it is “readily available” and will stop him from assaulting children “hands-on”.

Guider argued, through his legal team, that he did not continue to prey on children while he was in prison.

Daily Telegraph chief reporter Janet Fife-Yeomans tells Mark Levy the submissions are “offensive”.

“It’s an insult… of course, if you’re a paedophile you’re not going to be able to re-offend in jail when you’re in jail with adults!”

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The Daily Telegraph has revealed Guider earned himself a $100,000 university degree in archaeology, focusing on human remains, funded by the taxpayer.

Mark Levy says it is “disgraceful”.

“It just stinks, it’s offensive.

“How do the authorities let someone like this study human remains, given that he apparently can’t remember what he did with Samantha Knight?

“This grub belongs behind bars.”

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The NSW Attorney General is seeking urgent legal advice to appeal the decision to release him from prison.

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