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Paedophile and child killer Michael Guider to walk free from prison

Notorious paedophile Michael Guider will walk free from jail this week despite desperate efforts to keep him behind bars.

Guider has been in jail since 1996 after pleading guilty drugging, molesting and killing nine-year-old Sydney schoolgirl Samantha Knight as well as 60 child sex offences.

The 68-year-old will be released from jail on a five-year extended supervision order on Thursday after serving out his maximum sentence.

Justice Richard Button ordered for him to be released under strict supervision, stating Guider had done all he could in terms of rehabilitation.

The government unsuccessfully fought to keep the 68-year-old behind bars for at least another year.

Guider’s victims have also been campaigning relentlessly to keep him away from the community.

Macquarie Media Court Reporter Gil Taylor tells Mark Levy the result is surprising to some considering he never revealed the location of Samantha’s body.

“Guider says that Samantha Knight died from an accidental drug overdose, but he’s never told police where the body is so there was a lot working against Michael Guider.”

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Samantha Knight’s mother Tess says she’s angry Guider is being released from jail.

Outside court, she told the media he needs to be prevented from hurting anyone else.

“It’s about ensuring that the most vulnerable people in our community are kept protected from people we know to be violent, that we know to have a high likelihood of reoffending.”



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