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‘She’s off the planet and she should apologise’: Mark Latham slams ABC journalist’s tweet

The Outsider Mark Latham has slammed a tweet sent out by ABC journalist and newsreader Juanita Phillips, calling on her to apologise.

In the tweet, Ms Phillips claimed “violence against women” is “integral” to the West.

Mark Latham isn’t having it for a second, slamming the ABC journalist for tarring men with the same brush.

“For Juanita Phillips to be saying this, a slur on our civilisation, a slur on our culture, she’s off the planet and she should apologise.”

Mark says the reality is the West “abhors” violence against women.

“There’s a 1% bad element, let’s target them.

“But to try and demonise every single man in this country is just so wrong, so unfair.”

“Juanita Phillips, you’ve lost the plot.”

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