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‘She was so grateful’: Should you step in when a couple is arguing?

If you’re out in public and you see someone abusing someone, do you step in?

Well, this reporter did just that.

Charlotte Mortlock was waiting for a taxi on Saturday night in Manly when she overheard something that didn’t sit right with her.

A woman was being berated by her boyfriend and despite there being dozens of witnesses, Charlotte was the only person who stepped in to defend the victim.

She tells Ben Fordham “it was just so aggressive”.

Charlotte says it got to a point where “it wasn’t just a lover’s tiff” so she decided to take action and step in.

“I took the lady’s hand and I said, ‘Are you okay? This seems to be getting volatile.'”

“She just looked at me, she was so grateful.”

It was at that point the man began hurling abuse at Charlotte for intervening.

But as the situation calmed and the two walked off, the onlooking crowd began to applaud Charlotte for her actions.

“I thought that was such a bizarre thing.

“If they all had that same thought, that their moral compass was like, ‘hang on, this isn’t just a fight, this is actually not okay’. Then why am I the only one stepping forward?

“As a society, something is going wrong.”

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