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Shane A Bassett speaks to Eden’s BeBe Bettencourt

Article image for Shane A Bassett speaks to Eden’s BeBe Bettencourt

BeBe Bettencourt interview by Shane A. Bassett

The latest STAN exclusive Australian eight-part series, Eden, envelops multiple character arcs through high drama, secrets and lies all set around Byron Bay, with residence concerned at the disappearance of a young girl. Are locals trying to hide the truth?
A bookworm, also freely admitting to be an overthinker, with distinct look and husky voice (courtesy of her mum) the former Mrs. Claus, brilliant BeBe Bettencourt (The Dry) achieves an award worthy performance as disheveled, Hedwig.
How did you get this role of Hedwig?
BB – in LA during lockdown put down a self-tape audition and sent it off and got it which felt great because it meant I could come home to work.
Describe Hedwig spoiler-free, she appears prominently throughout from opening scene of the opening episode?
BB – she’s quite a mystery, keeps cards close to her chest not revealing much about herself to others, takes a lot to trust others.  She’s very good at sussing out people, we meet her at a time when quite a bit is going on. Her best friend has returned to town seeing Hedwig has changed. She’s a survivor, cheeky.
How does did you evolve?
BB – Hedwig wants to break free from her shackles, you get to know her better, we see how she adjusts her persona.
There’s a harsh line she says ‘you’re just a hunk of meat that got lucky’. You are not as harsh in real life, I’m sure?
BB – nooooooo (laughs) I’m an angel obviously.
There are some pretty unique party scenes, those sets seemed elaborate?
BB – actually long, many weeks of night shoots and correct Shane, it was elaborate especially camera work so everybody crossed paths at the right times. It was so amazing as even the extras were so done up in magical outfits in this great big house. That was when most of the cast were on-set in our delusional 2am stupor.
This was a highly dramatic part for you as it was in, The Dry; any chance of changing it up and doing comedy anytime soon?
BB – oh my god honestly my family would love that so they don’t see me in distress all the time, often they’ll say please stop torturing us with that heaviness. I would love that to land a comedy project and I’m a positive person in real life.
Are there more opportunities for actors with the emergence of more content required for streaming services?
BB – I think so, I’ve only really experienced streaming projects through Eden, but there’s so much content it’s amazing all the great quality.
How did The Dry, change your life or open doors?
BB – definitely changed my life, from being the first time I ever auditioned for anything to the first time I was ever on a set. I was nurtured by the environment by the producers and director. Also, the film has done so well, a lovely surprise really because we just made it and I had no comprehension anyone would see it at all.
The Dry, was a box-office smash and people reacted to your singing in it. Will you be releasing an album anytime soon?
BB – oh no probably not anytime soon, but who’s to say because I love music very much although it was scary to sing, also freeing and a part of myself I didn’t realise I’d be using. Nerve-wracking.
Why did you become an actor, were you always destined?
BB – I was always around artists and actors, many of my mums’ friends were highly creative types, when too young, I didn’t pick up on conversations, then a bit older there was a part of me going, ‘oh wait, you can do this as a job for a living’. What sticks out is mum making me watch, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.
What Australian films or television inspired you younger?
BB – really loved reading fantasy novels as a kid, devoured books, acting was a way to step into stories I love. When quite young I did a school play in the role of Mrs Claus. That was it, I went ‘yeahhh , I like this!’ (laughs). It’s a combination of things loving to dress up and storytelling. If anyone wants me to revive my role as Mrs Claus, I’m right here.
Any particular Eden co-stars stand out working alongside?
BB – too hard to choose. I think Sophie Wilde (Scout) is fantastic and a really great person, I’m excited for her career.
In your own words why should people watch Eden?
BB – because it’s beautiful diverse storytelling with surreal environment at the core of it which is gorgeous on the screen.
Hopefully people give it a watch, then learn something about themselves in the process through extremely relatable characters.
Can you surf?
If you were no an actor/performer, what occupation would you do?
Writing or something in music?
Any sports you like to play or watch – love playing soccer?
EDEN – now streaming exclusive to STAN AUSTRALIA 
Luke Grant