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Labor MP and son to Bosnian immigrants slams push for English test

Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge has said there is emerging evidence migrants are not integrating as well as they have in the past.

Son of Bosnia immigrants, Ed Husic is Labor MP for one of our most multicultural suburbs in Sydney.

He’s slammed Minister Tudge’s claims that migrants are not accepting Australian culture.

“Certainly they need to be able to show the evidence of it after they keep telling us we’ve got one of the most successful multicultural nations on the planet.

“I think this is just reheating of a plan that didn’t really get much support.

He tells Ben Fordham learning English isn’t the most crucial factor in making a contribution to Australian society.

“From my own background, when I look at my folks, they came here with no family support on the ground.

“Mum learnt by going out in the community and talking to people.

“A lot of kids from migrant backgrounds are holding their own very proudly.”

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