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Senator Molan: Company tax cuts ‘absolutely essential’

The Prime Minister is planning to stick with his company tax cuts, despite lacking support from voters or colleagues.

The federal government is under pressure to dump further business tax cuts after a poor performance at the weekend’s by-elections.

Under the plan, companies with a turnover of more than $50 million would get relief.

Senator Jim Molan tells Chris Smith the cuts are “absolutely essential”.

“What Labor doesn’t realise is there is real consequences for not reducing company tax, that is, that everyone else will get the investment, the capital, that we depend on.

“Bill Shorten time and time and time again supported company tax cuts… but now he’s changed his mind because there’s politics involved.

“We’re cutting company tax for the simple reason that it’s good for the economy.”

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Senator Molan also shed’s light on The Malloon Institute, a research centre for regenerating farming landscapes.

Currently in Bungendore, near the ACT border, he says “these guys are revolutionary”.

It comes after Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced an extra $500 million in drought relief.

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‘It’s about doing the right thing’: Government will pursue company tax cuts