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Security glitch causes chaos at Sydney Airport

Macquarie National News

A major security glitch has caused chaos at Sydney Airport this morning.

A blackout at the T1 international and T2 domestic terminals created a backlog of hundreds of passengers.

The outage took security cameras off-line, meaning no departing passengers were able to check-in or clear security.

The T3 Qantas terminal was not been affected and remained fully operational.

Sydney Airport General Manager of Corporate Affairs Sally Fielke tells Alan Jones they are working frantically to fix the problem.

“We’ve got the IT and technical teams working at the moment with the software provider.

“Our key priority is we’ve got to get this glitch fixed. What it means at the moment is we can’t process outbound passengers.

“People who have booked flights to head out this morning… we are unable to process them.

“We’re asking passengers. You’re going to have to be a little bit patient this morning.”

UPDATE | The problem has been fixed with delays slowly clearing.

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Macquarie National News