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Scott Morrison pays tribute to his family after election victory

The Prime Minister has thanked his family for their ongoing support after the Coalition’s federal election win.

Scott Morrison defied the opinion polls and the political activists to earn the Coalition a third-term in government.

He’s paid tribute to his wife and two daughters, who were by his side on Saturday night when he claimed victory.

Mr Morrison tells Ben Fordham his wife Jenny connected to so many people on the campaign trail.

“She’s just so kind-hearted to people. She’s always reaching out.”

Ben Fordham: “Has anyone ever pointed out to you that you’re one of the senior members of the blokes punching above their weight club?”

Scott Morrison: “I am the patron of that club!”

The Prime Minister also loved having his two daughters, Abbey and Lily, with him on the night.

“It was special having them there on Saturday night. It was a bit late for them. I think they were getting a bit yawny as the night went on! So we gave them a bit of time off today.

“They’ll be looking forward now to returning back to normal life and getting to school and doing their homework.”

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