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Scott Morrison | Sledging in Canberra has ‘happened for many years’

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has declared war on sledging, saying it must be outlawed.

“It has got right out of control.

“It should have no place,” he says.

Treasurer Scott Morrison says the drama surrounding the Australia Cricket team is a “really disappointing period”.

“The question is, where do you go from here?”

The Treasurer says the Prime Minister’s comments go deeper than just the act of sledging.

“He’s going to the culture of what happens on the field. What happens in cricket matches is it gets very personal.

“In the political theatre of Canberra, this has happened for many years.”

On Chinese conglomerate Shandong Ruyi Yu offering to buy the Liddell power station, the Treasurer indicates he’s not against it.

The power plant is due to close in four years, but there’s a push by some in government ranks to keep it open for longer.

“I’d be happy to see them buy it, but it’s not ours to sell.

“I don’t make these calls unless I have all the information in front of me, but in principle, a foreign investor buying a power station of itself is not prohibited by the Act.”

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