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Scott Morrison focused on floods not polls, despite major boost

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Voters are shifting their support back to the Morrison government, amid an escalating row over border policy.

The first opinion poll since last week’s intense parliamentary sitting has delivered a major boost for the federal government with Labor’s lead cut to just two points.

The survey also shows Scott Morrison has opened a 10 point lead over Bill Shorten as preferred Prime Minister but he’s not focusing on the “Canberra bubble” as he calls it.

Instead, the Prime Minister is concentrating on the flood recovery efforts in North Queensland.

Mr Morrison tells Alan Jones the disaster is a long way from over.

“The reconstruction effort is going to be significant and it’s going to take a long time.

“It’s not an announcement today or next week, it’s the next two, five, 10 years.

“This will cost hundreds of millions of dollars, if not more!”

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Farmer Phillip Curr lives near Julia Creek and says the government needs to provide the money for farmers to rebuild damaged fences and pay their staff.

“Apparently the graziers are gonna be responsible for getting rid of the bodies… but there’s no point of doing a plan that cannot be implemented.

“We haven’t got the money.”

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