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SBS produces Australia’s most boring documentary

Viewers tuning in to watch a documentary on Australia’s iconic train ‘The Ghan’ got a surprise when the show aired on Sunday night.

The three-hour long SBS documentary, inspired by the new ‘slow TV’ movement, featured no music or dialogue and only had the noise of the train’s journey.

Commissioning Editor of SBS, Susie Jones, tells Steve Price the feedback has been mixed.

“612,000 Australians tuned in for the first hour. It worked for some people and it didn’t for others.”

Price, “Did you watch it all?”

“Oh I’ve seen it about 10 times as the commissioning editor.

Price, “Susie how could you put yourself through it 10 times?

“Oh believe me I don’t need to watch it anymore.”

Ms Jones says there could be more ‘slow TV’ programs on the horizon.

“There’s an appetite for more slow TV. We do have a 17-hour version of the program we’re toying with.”

That’s right. A 17-hour version.

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Watch the show promo for a taste of ‘slow TV’