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Sam Neill reimagines Cook’s historic voyage

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It’s been 250 years since Captain James Cook’s first Voyage across the Pacific.

Renowned actor Sam Neill is retracing the historic journey for a new six-part documentary series, The Pacific: In The Wake Of Captain Cook, on Foxtel’s History Channel.

The series starts with Cook sailing out of Plymouth aboard The Endeavour in 1768.

Neill takes viewers on a voyage across the largest ocean in the world, onboard a variety of vessels, from container ships to fishing trawlers and sailing boats.

When you view maps of his voyage you could be mistaken for thinking he was lost, Sam tells Chris Smith.

“He was going in circles… he was looking for things that weren’t there”.

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The New Zealand actor’s interest in Captain cook first came about when he was taught about him in school.

“If you read his log, he’s very perceptive about the things he observes.

“I’m still fascinated by Cook, and my admiration for him only grows by the day,” Sam tells Chris.

Sam also reveals how the great explorer wasn’t one for convention, even ignoring his explicit instructions.

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