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Salim Mehajer’s lawyer quits due to ‘ethical dilemma’

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The solicitor of the disgraced former mayor of Auburn Salim Mehajer has abandoned his case on ethical grounds.

Legal expert Sam Macedone joins Ben Fordham to explain the situation.

Mr Macedone says the “ethical dilemma” cited by Mehajer’s former solicitor Brett Galloway could be a range of options.

“It could mean one of many things.

“Number one it could mean [Galloway] hasn’t been paid but it sounds to me a lot more than that.

“If I’m put in a position, for instance, where I know something that is in direct conflict with what my client tells me and he wants me to go one way and I know that I really shouldn’t go that way…that’s a dilemma that I jump out of.

“If I’m asked to do something that I’m not comfortable with because I don’t think it complies with my major obligation which is to the court… that’s an untenable position.”

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