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Russell Coight has a red hot exclusive for Ray Hadley

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It’s been 16 years since Russell Coight paid Ray Hadley a visit.

The Aussie icon has been very busy designing a new range of crocodile skin g-strings and fighting red tape in the bush.

But he’s made some time to visit his long-time friend Ray and he’s willing to share a juicy exclusive.

“The tip is there’s a Mrs Coight,” Ray says.

“I’m going to give you an exclusive here,” Russell reveals.

“I was on my computer the other day and up in the right-hand corner a beautiful Russian lady popped up and all she required was my bank details and my passwords and a couple of credit card numbers.

“We’ve been in communication, she needed a couple of operations.”

Russell tells Ray the love affair started well, but you can’t always trust an online dating profile photo.

“When I met her at the airport… unfortunately, Svetlana is no Svetlana… but anyway, good on him for giving it a crack.”

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