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‘Rules don’t apply’ for authoritarian China says Peta Credlin

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Political commentator Peta Credlin has weighed in on the feud between China and Australia over international students.

China’s education ministry has issued a warning to students intending to study in Australia, telling them to be “cautious” following racial discrimination “incidents” in the wake of COVID-19.

Peta Credlin told Mark Levy Australia needs to take a stand over the issue, lest the country be beholden to China’s whims forever.

She argues it’s the perfect time for universities to seek stronger relationships with India and other overseas student markets, and prioritise domestic admissions.

“We’re not racist of course,” Peta refuted the Chinese government’s claims.

“This is the problem when you’re dealing in a trade relationship with an authoritarian regime: the usual rules don’t apply.

“They can turn the tap on, and they can turn the tap off.

“We’ve got to diversify the market!”

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