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Roy and H.G. join Ray Hadley ahead of their Macquarie Sports Radio debut

The iconic sports commentators Roy and H.G. have joined Ray Hadley in-studio ahead of their debut on Macquarie Sports Radio.

‘Just Short of a Length with ROY & H.G.’ will be on air for the duration of the Cricket World Cup.

Ray describes the pair as his ‘idols’ and runs them through the induction process relating to what they can or can’t say on air.

“We only say what we believe… Kevin Walters [the coach of the Maroons] I think has lost touch with reason… we’re gonna call that as we see it,” says Roy

“Could I suggest that whoever came up with the Editorial Compliance Policy might be a Maroons supporter.

“To try and muzzle us about pointing out the truth about Kevin Walters!”

Ray also points out they were the first to call a game off the TV, which is now widely done, instead of sending a commentator to the game.

“It’s a global world these days Ray, a bloke in Delhi can call a game in England… he’s there and he’s not,” says Roy.

“Theatre of the mind!” they call in unison.

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