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Roxy Jacenko claims Aussies ‘aren’t willing to work hard’

PR guru Roxy Jacenko has claimed Australian workers are lazy and should learn from the example of the Chinese.

The founder of Sweaty Betty PR says many young Australians “aren’t willing to work hard” and start at the bottom.

She claims, in her experience, Chinese workers are far more hardworking and answer emails at all hours of the day.

She tells Ben Fordham people aren’t willing to work extra hours to succeed.

Roxy: “There is a mentality out there that nine to five is okay and if you put 60 per cent of effort into the task you’re doing for the employer, then that will do.”

Ben: “But hang on, you’re only paying them till 5 o’clock.”

Roxy: “But that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter when you’re paying them to. Don’t you look at your job as a stepping stone to succeed and create wealth as an individual?”

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