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Rowan Dean: There should only be one type of cut in tomorrow’s budget

Treasurer Scott Morrison insists he won’t be playing Santa Claus with tomorrow’s federal budget, but that’s certainly what it sounds like.

In the last government’s last budget before the next election, it seems as though fixing the nation’s debt and deficit has gone out the window.

Editor of The Spectator and Smithy’s Monday All-Star Rowan Dean says it’s irresponsible.

“The only time he should really be using the word cuts in the budget, other than tax cuts, is spending cuts and they’re what we are not hearing about.

“Spending cuts we urgently need.

“Obviously they’re planning an election later this year and have no intention of doing that.”

Rowan also reveals details about a plan by environmentalists to oust Tony Abbott from the seat of Warringah.

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