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Rowan Dean: Malcolm Turnbull must step aside to ensure election win

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has now clocked 30 consecutive Newspoll losses, the same standard he used to push Tony Abbott from the top job.

Mr Turnbull insists he has the support of his colleagues but Smithy’s All-Star Rowan Dean says he’s failed his own test.

“The justification was the 30 Newspolls. That was the central claim he made,” Rowan tells Chris Smith.

“It’s simply not good enough for Malcolm Turnbull to try and brush it away.

“The public aren’t fools. To condemn someone for 30 Newspolls and the sit there and say the rules don’t apply to me, that doesn’t cut it.

“He’s the one who’s got to step aside. That is the clearest and most obvious way for the Liberal party to guarantee they win the next election.”

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has been careful in his approach to the news, saying the public wants to see “politics move beyond the polls.”

Rowan says Labor and the Greens are terrified of a Tony Abbott return.

“Bill Shorten knows if Tony Abbott returns to the prime ministership that’s his dream of getting into the lodge gone.

“He wants Turnbull to stay in place because knows he can beat him.”

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