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Rowan Dean: ‘Forget it Qantas, I’ll be looking elsewhere’

Qantas staff have been told to avoid “gender-inappropriate” words in an attempt to create a more inclusive workspace.

Ahead of the company’s ‘Spirit of Inclusion’ month, People and Culture group executive Lesley Grant sent out an information package to airline employees advising them to stamp out words that may cause offence.

Some of the terms include, ‘husband’, ‘wife’, ‘guys’, ‘honey’ and ‘love’.

Chris Smith has slammed the move as “political garbage”.

“What an incredible waste of time!”

Smithy’s All-Star Rowan Dean tells Chris, “it’s more than just embarrassing”.

“If this is what Qantas is focussing on, if this is what they’re spending their money on, employing people to draw up this sort of stuff, well I’m sorry, I’m going to go to another airline,” he says.

“I want my airline to focus firstly on safety, secondly, on getting me where I want to go.

“Forget it Qantas, I’ll be looking elsewhere.”

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