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Rita Panahi slams ‘fool’ who compared superglue protesters to Anzac veterans

Rita Panahi has called out a Greens councillor who compared Brisbane’s superglue protests to Anzac Day marches.

Councillor Jonathan Sri has been allowing illegal climate change protesters to use his taxpayer-funded office.

Extinction Rebellion has taken up an enormous amount of police resources and has been causing significant delays for commuters in Brisbane by supergluing themselves to roads.

Steve Price confronted the councillor this morning about his decision to allow the protesters to use his office.

Councillor Sri also likened the protests to “a whole range of parades and events (eg Anzac Day marches) [that] block Brisbane streets all the time and inconvenience motorists.”

But Rita Panahi tells Karl Stefanovic comparing these protestors to Anzac Day veterans is completely offensive.

“These absolute climate crazies supergluing themselves to the roads… to compare that idiocy to Anzac Day vets marching. I just cannot believe his mind would even think that, let alone voice it out loud to a newspaper.

“We’ve got so many of these fools on local councils.

“All they care about is grandstanding on big national and international issues that have got nothing to do with rates and rubbish and roads – regular council business.”

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The Lord Mayor of Brisbane Adrian Schrinner has weighed in on the issue, telling Karl Stefanovic the Greens councillor is exercising “poor judgement”.

“It is just the kind of extremist behaviour that isn’t helping anyone.

“I think the ultimate source of power here is the people in his electorate who will have a chance to vote next year.”

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Steve Price confronts Greens Councillor lending his office to illegal protesters