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Right wing commentators repeatedly being slammed with hefty bills for free speech

Article image for Right wing commentators repeatedly being slammed with hefty bills for free speech

“As I’ve been saying, it’s interesting how we never talk about left-wing commentators, do we?” says Alan Jones.

“If you’re from the left, that’s okay. If you’re deemed to be from the right, then you’re the worst person in the world.”

Commentator and psychologist Bettina Ardnt was invited to speak at La Trobe University’s Liberal club on what she says is the myth of a rape crisis on campuses.

La Trobe initially denied the club room to host the event, then changed their mind and told organisers the event could go ahead, so long as the club foots the bill for any additional security that would be necessary.

The university then changed its mind again, saying it would pay for the extra security out of a desire to protect free speech and discussion on campus.

Tonight, Bettina is speaking at the Unversity of Sydney, and it’s the same deal.

The university dragged its heels on requests to provide a venue before hitting up organisers to the tune of $500.

Bettina tells Alan she’s looking for answers.

“We’re trying to get an answer from Sydney University as to what we’re paying for with regard to this $500 security bill.”

“Today’s conservatives aren’t interested in shutting down free speech, they’re trying to promote it.

“And the left, amazingly, is all in favour of silencing people expressing views they don’t like.”

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