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Organiser refuses to pay unfair police bill for right-wing commentator tour

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The organiser who brought out right-wing commentator Lauren Southern to Australia for a speaking tour is refusing to pay a $67,000 bill from Victoria Police.

Last Month David Pellowe from Axiomatic Events hosted a nationwide tour with alt-right Candian commentators Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux.

The controversial tour attracted substantial media and police attention at the time.

Mounted police, police dogs and riot officers faced off with about 200 protesters who verbally abused attendees and tried to stop buses entering a Melbourne reception centre where the speakers were appearing.

Victoria Police has since sent a bill of $67,842 for policing the event to Axiomatic Events.

Mr Pellowe is refusing to pay the bill telling Alan Jones “I have read the legislation and regulations that provide for these charges and the people applying these charges are not reading them properly”.

“The law says the role of the Victoria Police is to serve the Victorian community and uphold the law… there was nothing about these events that contravene that law.

“These separate events that are organised by violent extremists outside these events that are the attention of police and needed to maintain law and order.

“Those are the people who should be footing the bill,” Mr Pellowe tells Alan.

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