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REVEALED | Juveniles staged prison riot just a month before second bloody rampage

Nine inmates have been charged over a riot at a Central Coast juvenile prison that took place more than a month before prisoners allegedly stole keys and staged another riot.

The juveniles from Frank Baxter Juvenile Detention Centre at Kariong have been charged with affray and assault.

Police allege they climbed on the roof and were lighting fires on June 9, causing more than $80,000 worth of damage.

Authorities have only now released the details of the riot which occurred just a month before prisoners staged a bloody riot at the same prison, which saw inmates climb onto the roof and stay there for 21 hours.

Two people were stabbed and five others injured in the second riot.

Ben Fordham has slammed those in charge of the detention centre.

“Do you reckon you had a bit of a hint in early June, that you had a problem there at the detention centre and you should have been better prepared for what unfolded more than a month later?

“If people were able to get up on the roof and light fires on the 9th of June why didn’t they face facts? Hang on, this joint is not under control, we need to better prepare ourselves in case this happens again.

“Well, the dopes in charge didn’t. Warning signs are warning signs for a reason and if you don’t pay attention to them you’re an idiot.”

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