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Bloody riot: Inmates stabbed at juvenile detention centre on the Central Coast

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At least seven people have been injured in a bloody riot at a juvenile detention centre on the Central Coast.

At about 8.30pm on Sunday, a group of youths went on a rampage at the Frank Baxter Juvenile Detention Centre at Kariong.

Initial reports suggest the inmates broke into a maintenance shed and stole power tools, including chainsaws, and forced open cell doors.

At least 30 broke free into the grounds and several climbed onto the roof and have remained there as riot police surrounded the facility and began negotiating with them.

Superintendent John Gralton tells Ben Fordham after 21 hours of negotiation, the situation has been resolved and all the youths that were on the roof are now in custody.

“We’re very happy to see that the incident up here has been resolved safely, without any injury to anybody.”

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7 News journalist Robert Ovadia was at the scene and told Alan Jones some of the youths surrendered just before 6am but many others were still holding out.

At least seven inmates have been injured, including two who have been stabbed.

  • 18-year-old suffered stab wounds and facial injuries and has been rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital in a serious condition.
  • 18-year-old suffered stab wounds to his head and hands
  • 20-year-old suffered facial and hand injuries
  • 17-year-old has facial and head injuries
  • 20-year-old suffered injuries to his hand, leg, and arm
  • 17-year-old dislocated his ankle after jumping off a roof
  • Another juvenile has a broken nose

Six of the injured inmates have been taken to Gosford Hospital for treatment.

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller tells Ben Fordham there was never concerns of the inmates escaping.

“You can’t just rush in as you would imagine and just chase these kids off a roof to their death.

“Because they’re in custody doesn’t mean I can be blaze with their lives either.”

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The prison guard’s union says it’s time the government stepped in and gave correction’s officers more power.

PSA General Secretary Stewart Little tells Ray Hadley, “Our members have had a gutful”.

“They’ve been treated like punching bags for the last four years since Kariong went out of the juvenile system.

“We’ve had horrific injuries there and the government have really dragged their heels.

“We’re going to call today for there to be a judicial review.”

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