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Retired homicide detective begs for infamous child murderer not to be released

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A retired homicide detective has come out publicly begging for infamous child rapist and murderer Neville Towner not to be granted parole.

On May 17, 1989, Towner coerced four-year-old Lauren Hickson down to the river near her home in Sydney’s west.

He raped her, he attempted to drown her and he bashed her to death with a rock.

After serving 20 years of a life term Towner had his sentence reduced due to ‘truth in sentencing’ laws introduced by the Greiner government.

In recent years he has repeatedly applied for parole and even been granted day release as a trial before release.

Ray Hadley has been following the case closely, speaking with Lauren’s distraught mother Jurina Hickson on several occasions.

Yesterday the State Parole Board met at Parramatta District Court to determine whether Neville Towner is fit for release.

Their decision will be made on June 29.

It’s prompted retired homicide detective Steve Ticehurst to contact Ray Hadley, urging authorities to keep Towner behind bars.

Mr Ticeehurst tells Ray he remembers the day little Lauren was found like it was yesterday.

“My partner and I at the time both agree it is something that we’ll never forget, the horrendous scene we turned up to is something that stays with you for life.

“I just had a bad feeling about it that morning, I got up and just mentioned to my wife that I thought we’d be getting a call over that day.

“When we got there the child’s body was laying o the edge of the riverbank, naked from the waist down.”

Mr Ticehurst simply can’t understand why Mr Towner’s sentence was ever reduced, let alone why he is being considered for parole.

“At times these Justices are just so far out of touch. It was a horrific offence what he did to that poor little girl that day.”

“I don’t think that he should ever be released. He took a life and he should serve life.”

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