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Restaurants and pubs hoping more customers will be allowed in

The hospitality industry is hoping if cases continue to reduce then businesses will be able to welcome more people.

The national cabinet is looking at lifting restrictions that could see restaurants and pubs reopen sometime in the future.

But a 1.5 metre distance will need to be maintained across every premises.

Australian Hotels Association CEO Stephen Ferguson told Chris Smith social distancing measures will reduce a business’ capacity dramatically and prevent some from reopening.

“We’ll be cut at probably 25 per cent the effective capacity rate and that will just barely cover costs.

“Every day these numbers improve, and if the numbers are better when they let us reopen, then we would expect that we should be able to open at a higher capacity.

“We will be putting our strongest foot forward that if everything is under control there should be greater capacity.

“We really need to give people the opportunity to earn a quid.”

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