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‘Resign today!’: Ray Hadley’s explosive interview with head of soccer league


Ray Hadley has blasted the head of a suburban soccer league in a fiery interview.

The St George Football Association has repeatedly needed police to intervene in violent and abusive incidents, including at an under 7s game this month.

The Daily Telegraph reported parents started fighting at the match at Gannons Park, Peakhurst, on May 18.

In response, the association issued a warning saying:

“There is no tolerance for those that do not wish to abide by the rules.

If you are one of these people we do not want you in this Association.

The game is better for you not being a participant.”

St George Football Association Chair Angelo Bonura came onto The Ray Hadley Morning Show to publicise his stance against bad behaviour.

But, when questioned about another incident at Arncliffe a month ago, Mr Bonura repeatedly failed to call it out.

Ray has received dozens of emails and calls about a game between Arncliffe and Banksia, which had to be called off after bottles were thrown onto the field.

The parents of the 16-year-old referee called police after their son received death threats and had to lock himself in the change rooms.

Mr Bonura was there that day and denies all of those reports, saying the game shouldn’t have been abandoned.

“What I witnessed was a really great community atmosphere,” he says.

“We stand behind our referees, we support them but sometimes mistakes are made.”

Ray Hadley slammed Mr Bonura saying he should resign immediately.

“You’re an apologist for thuggery… you were there, you saw it happen,” says Ray.

“You’ll go a long way in soccer defending the thugs and blaming the officials.

“Angelo, do yourself a favour. Take some gardening leave and resign today!”

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The interview sparked a flood of calls from people who were there that day and from others who have had enough of the behaviour in the St George Football Association.

“What I saw was a 16-year-old get threatened by the spectators,” says caller John.

“They’re throwing bottles at him and swearing at him and his mother and asking him to fight after the game.

“People were hitting the change room doors and threatening him and police had to be called in to walk him out.”

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