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Residents fed up with PC policies form their own conservative forums

Sydney residents, who are fed up with politicians pandering to the left, are taking action and setting up their own forums. 

Roseville and Woolhara have already seen some locals establish their own conservative forums and groups, and now the initiative has made its way to the north-west.

The Hornsby and Hills districts are holding a conservative forum August 7, with Liberal MP Craig Kelly as one of the speakers.

Dr Flavio Romano tells Chris Smith the emergence of the groups in the north-west is “only very recent”.

“The forum came to be as a community outreach initiative from a few of us who felt that there wasn’t an adequately respectful space in contemporary society for the airing of conservative views.”

Dr Romano says it’s a space beyond the branch meetings, necessary because in larger society “you tend to be booed down”.

“What we need to recreate is a space for all sorts of views to be aired respectfully and a robust discussion that follows.

“That’s the way you get better outcomes.”

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