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Report calls for speed camera warning signs to be scapped

There are calls to scrap signs that warn motorists where speed cameras are.

A report released by the New South Wales Auditor-General suggests having more covert speed cameras in random locations will improve road safety.

The report says having multiple warning signs before speed cameras “limits the opportunity to moderate driver behaviour”.

Road Safety Expert Ian Luff tells Ben Fordham there are benefits to the cautionary signs.

“In New South Wales when people see those little signs advising them that their speed’s being checked, you automatically see people slow down the same as when you see a police vehicle.

“If we’re in the business of slowing people down, these signs are definitely working.

“For the Auditor-General to say, ‘Let’s just have covert cameras hidden everywhere’… I believe that’s more about raising revenue.”

He says the majority of Australian drivers do the right thing and it’s a few “bad apples” that are causing problems.

“I think the signs out there are definitely slowing people up and that’s what the mission is to do. Make people go slower.”

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