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Renewable subsidies to blame for higher power prices, says energy expert

Chris Kenny

An energy expert is blaming renewable energy subsidies for high power prices.

The Greens have joined several Coalition MP’s in pushing for a Royal Commission into the retail cost of electricity.

The minor party is calling for energy companies to explain exactly how they calculate their prices.

The Prime Minister is dismissing the calls, claiming power bills are starting to fall.

Regulation Economic’s Alan Moran tells Chris Kenny the commission would just be one of many.

“It would be one of about 30 different commissions that are presently going on around the energy industry.”

He says the government doesn’t need an inquiry to make energy more affordable.

“It’s gone 100% in every state, 150% in South Australia and New South Wales.

“So basically, this is being caused by renewable subsidies forcing out low-cost coal-based electricity.”

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