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Regional mayor calls out ‘un-Australian’ border closure

A northern NSW mayor has fired up over the border woes with south-east Queensland, calling it “un-Australian”. 

Moree Plains Shire Council mayor Katrina Humphries had described the border closure as a “socialist and political” move in a report in today’s Australian newspaper.

She told Jim Wilson the biggest issue was access to medical care.

“We have a huge number of people in our area…. that seek not just everyday medical care, but serious [medical care], chemotherapy, obstetrics, specialist care [over the border].

“Many, many people seek medical treatment – that’s the worst of it.”

Jim said it was absurd.

“It seems as though the Queensland Premier is in full election mode.”

Mayor Humphries said the communities in the region are very closely connected with south-east Queensland.

“There’s only a river and a bit of fence between us,” she said.

“It’s un-Australian.

“We are all in this together, they keep telling us, and I’ve been seen saying that, for the last three months, actually we’re not.”

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