Ray Hadley welcomes Merrick Watts to 2GB, years after their prank wars


FM radio star Merrick Watts is making the jump to the AM dial, joining 2GB next week.

Ben Fordham is on holiday, being replaced by Natalie Peters in Drive.

On Good Friday, she’ll be joined by former Nova breakfast host Merrick Watts.

It’s certainly not his first encounter with 2GB though, after fighting a merciless prank war with Ray Hadley for years, while one half of the Merrick and Rosso Show.

It all started when the Nova boys set up a disco in Ray’s parking spot at 4am, involving 20 young men wearing ‘assless chaps’.

Ray Hadley was happy to roll out the red carpet for Merrick, but only after they settled their old score.

“Obviously the management of this station don’t know what he did over a long period of time,” says Ray.

Click PLAY below to hear the hilarious chat and more about their old pranks