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Ray unleashes on soft judge: This bloke needs to be stopped

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Ray Hadley has unleashed on the decision to release a serial paedophile as residents continue to live in fear for their children.

In March 2016, detectives charged Dorrigo man Kevin James Scott over the alleged indecent assaulted of a 14-year-old boy in a Coffs Harbour toilet cubicle.

District Court Judge Clive Jeffreys jailed Scott in 2016 for two years for indecent assault person under 16 years of age, despite a history of offending.

Scott was charged and jailed in 2003 for similar offences against children.

The mother of the Coffs Harbour victim has contacted Ray, saying she’s furious over the paedophile’s release.

She’s convinced Scott will continue to offend and the residents of Dorrigo share her fears.

“He is a shocking, lowlife paedophile,” Ray says.

Ray has slammed the soft sentence by Judge Clive Jeffreys, calling for the judge to never touch a case involving offences against children again.

Judge Jeffreys’ conduct has outraged parents before, particularly after his treatment of a Bega-based paedophile whose jail term was eventually doubled by the Criminal Court of Appeal.

“This bloke Jeffreys needs to be stopped. He needs to be taken away from any judicial matter involving offences against children.

“He’s totally and utterly bereft of any judgement when it comes to dealing with children offended against by paedophiles and yet he continually is presented with these cases.

“The sooner he’s out of the judicial system, the better off NSW will be.”

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