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EXCLUSIVE | Paedophile loitering around schools just weeks after jail release

A convicted paedophile has a regional community terrified after he’s been spotted loitering around schools just weeks after his release from jail.

Listeners at Dorrigo in northern New South Wales contacted Ray earlier in the week, not knowing what they can do to protect their children.

In 2016, Kevin James Scott was charged with indecent assault of a person under the age of 16 and incite a person under 16 to commit an act of indecency.

He was sentenced to a minimum of two years behind bars, to be released on supervised parole on March 29 this year.

Since his release, locals say Scott has been frequenting a church attached to a school, he’s been seen at a café near a school during the hours when kids are walking to and from class and he even lives within one kilometre of a school.

Ray contacted Corrective Services NSW to see if the man, who is a repeat offender, is breaking the conditions of his parole.

They say:

“The offender is on court-based parole, which is applied to offenders whose sentences do not exceed three years.

This offender is subject to the standard conditions of parole 1-9 and additional conditions including:

· Must undergo psychological counselling;

· Must not contact, communicate, watch, stalk, harass or intimate the victim; and

· Must not be in the company of a person under the age of 16 unless accompanied by a responsible adult.”

As part of those standard conditions, “the offender is to reside at an address approved by the [parole] officer.”

So presumably, the parole officer has approved this convicted paedophile to live within one kilometre of a school.

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