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Ray Hadley tears shreds off minister dodging questions about juvenile detention riot

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Calls are growing for the head of a juvenile detention centre to be sacked after this week’s 21-hour riot.

16 youths and five adults have now been charged over the stand-off at the Frank Baxter Juvenile Detention Centre on the Central Coast.

Guards at the facility have been contacting Ray Hadley saying there have been more than 200 assaults on staff in the last year alone.

Shadow Minister for Juvenile Justice Jihad Dib says the government needs to take action immediately.

“There’s a fair bit of commonsense that needs to come into this.

“What we’ve seen over the last couple of days has just been completely disturbing and unacceptable.”

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Minister Gareth Ward was listening to the interview and phoned in to have his say.

But it’s fair to say the interview got off to a rocky start…

Ray: Minister, have you ever been to Frank Baxter?

Minister Ward: I’ve been to many of our facilities Ray…

Ray: That’s not the question I asked, don’t come on the program…

Minister Ward: Not yet Ray.

Ray: If we’re going to get off on the right leg, answer the question, don’t give me the pollie speak that you’re famous for.

Ray went on to share with the minister the countless reports he’s receiving from workers at the detention centre.

They say the management and setup is a disgrace and will end up in someone, possibly a guard, losing their lives.

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