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Ray Hadley pushing for law change as unlicensed driver allegedly kills unborn babies 

Ray Hadley is pushing for Zoe’s Law to be revisited after a pair of unborn twins were killed in a fatal crash at Orchard Hills last month.

Two women died at the scene after 29-year-old, unlicensed driver Richard Moananu allegedly veered onto the wrong side of the road.

Moananu was allegedly travelling more than 105km/h in a 60 zone.

One of the women was 23-year-old Katherine Hoang. She was 38-weeks pregnant with twins and lost both her unborns sons as a result.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian has since indicated Zoe’s Law will be revisited to allow charges against a person who kills an unborn baby in a crime.

But Greens MP David Stonebridge tells Ray changing the law could put women who seek abortions at risk.

He tells Ray people are concerned “defining a fetus-in-uterus as a life is going down the path of greatly restricting women’s rights to abortion services”.

“I think it is a very real and quite valid concern.”

The Greens MP says a law already exists which acknowledges if a pregnant woman is killed, resulting in the death of her unborn child, it is considered a “worse offence”.

Ray is demanding the laws be amended, to provide justice and “clarity to women”.

“If they choose, as is their right to do whatever they wish to do with their own bodies, we can exempt them but still hold people accountable at law for the deaths of these 38-week fetuses.”

“Ray, we both agree. We may have different approaches but we both agree,” says Mr Shoebridge.

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