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Ray Hadley pleads with Roads Minister over ‘stupid legislation’

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Ray Hadley has pleaded with Roads and Transport Minister Andrew Constance to change laws that prevent hoons from having their car impounded.

Last Saturday night Highway Patrol caught a 46-year-old driver doing more than 45km over the speed limit on Old Winsdor Road at Glenwood.

The man, who held a Queensland driver licence, was banned from driving in NSW for six months and issued an infringement notice.

But when they went to seize his registration and impound his Mercedes Benz E63, they weren’t able to because the car was registered to a company.

This law, designed to protect businesses from losing vehicles that are integral to their operation, also protects bad drivers from losing their cars if they register them to a company.

Ray Hadley has been trying to get the “stupid legislation” changed for years, and tells Andrew Constance he’s his last hope.

“You are now the fifth minister I’ve appealed to over this and I’m gonna officially declare on-air today if I have no luck with you I’m giving up.

“I’m gonna go to retirement having not achieved anything in relation to this.”

Mr Constance says he’ll look into the matter, acknowledging the law can protect those who drive luxury cars that have little to do with their business operations.

“That’s different from the small business owner in Western Sydney who might run a fleet of four utes around for plumbing purposes and have a young bloke get behind the wheel and do something really stupid.

“Surely to goodness we can find a better way.”

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