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Qantas sees record profit but still no company tax

Qantas has seen record profits for the half year, up by $976 million pre-tax.

That’s an increase of 15%.

CEO of Qantas Alan Joyce joins Ross Greenwood.

Mr Joyce says the transformation of the company was born out of the darker days.

“5,000 people did lose their jobs but that was important to get us on a solid footing. That was important to protect the 30,000 jobs that were still in the company.

“That was important to allow us to get to this position so we can start recruiting again for the future.”

Mr Joyce is also in favour of a cut to Australia’s company tax rates.

“We’re very pro-Australia. We want this country to succeed.

“My worry is with a differential in tax rate, investment will be drained out of Australia into the US and then to Europe and other places.”

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