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Push on to make aspiring councillors take IQ and psychiatric tests

There are calls for councillors to have an IQ test and psychiatric assessment before being elected to ensure they campaign for appropriate issues.

Inner West Liberal councillor Julie Passas believes the council is becoming overly political, saying issues like LGBT and refugee rights are dominating the agenda.

Inner West Council Mayor Darcy Byrne tells Ben Fordham the councillor’s comments were “tongue in cheek” but she has made some important points.

He says there should be room to advocate for important issues but local government should be “less ideological” than federal politics and focus on “getting the basics right”.

“We’re essentially meant to be like a board that oversees services for the community… trying to get value for money and improving services for local people.”

He admits there are some “pretty cooky people involved in local government”.

“There’s lots of examples of stupid motions that have been put up over time.

“But by and large, I think the Inner West Council is doing a good job of implementing common-sense measures to improve services for local residents.”

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