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Pubs singled out in ‘compliance culture’ crackdown

The NSW government has introduced new restrictions for pubs as the cluster of COVID-19 cases attached to the Crossroads Hotel grows to 28.

Among the changes, venues with capacity for more than 250 patrons must employ a ‘COVID-safe marshal’ to patrol hygiene at all times.

Smaller pubs are permitted to employ a marshal during peak dining periods only.

NSW Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello told George Moore the focus on pubs is crucial in getting the virus back under control.

“At the moment George, we want to avoid getting to a situation that we’re seeing in Melbourne, where we’re locking down pretty much everything.

“That is just a gruelling blow for the state.

“Focusing on getting the compliance culture up in pubs is one of the things that we have to prioritise right now.”

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Image: Nine News, Getty

George Moore