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Public encouraged to have a yarn with police at BBQ with a Cop

Members of the public are being encouraged to come together and have a ‘BBQ with a Cop’.

Our men and women in blue consistently put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

But how often do we have the opportunity to thank them or just say G’day?

This Friday, police are inviting all members of the public to gather and have real conversations with police.

Detective Superintendent Gavin Wood and Ben Fordham came up ‘BBQ with a Cop’ and the event is all about strengthening ties between the community and our police.

“Have a sausage sandwich with the cops for 10 to 15 minutes, say Happy Christmas and just touch base,” Detective Superintendent Gavin Wood tells Ben.

“That’s all it is, as simple as that.”

Mr Wood says maintaining strong relationships with the community is critical.

“Having the community working with you, and being part of you, is the way to go.”

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‘BBQ with a Cop’ will be held at Surry Hills Police Command on Friday 14th December from 11am-1pm. Find more details HERE.

Everyone is welcome to attend.