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Psychologist slams hypocritical mob of ‘abusive’ protesters for bullying

The riot squad had to be called to a disruptive protest against social commentator Bettina Arndt’s latest university speaking tour.

Earlier this month, sex therapist Ms Arndt faced a barrage of aggressive protesters at Sydney University, angry about her campus tour highlighting what she says is the myth of a rape crisis on campuses.

On arrival, police faced up to 40 students blocking access to the event and who were pushing and shoving people attempting to pass through to watch the talk.

Ms Arndt tells Chris Smith, “this unruly mob of abusive students managed to totally block the entrance to my venue so that most of the audience couldn’t get through”.

“They became increasingly aggressive, abusive to the students who were trying to get through.

“They were threatening to burst into our room, the security officers couldn’t control them, and that’s why they called the riot police.

“It was a really shocking display.”

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Ms Arndt, who was invited to speak at the university, has decided to take action against the key organisers of the protest to address their abusive bullying tactics used.

She claims the key protest organisers have breached Sydney University’s Code of Conduct and Bullying and Harassment policies.

She has also released an online video naming and shaming the protesters claiming “some of these women proudly proclaim in advance that they were planning to stop me coming from campus”.

“And afterwards… they’re proudly boasting that they gave the security guards a run for their money.

“They absolutely take ownership of orchestrating this event.”