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Prime Minister blames protests for preventing lifting of funeral restrictions

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says there should be an increase in the number of people allowed at funerals but blames the protests on the delay.

Ben Fordham is calling on the NSW government to immediately double the number of people allowed at funerals to 100.

Mr Morrison has expressed his support for Ben’s campaign.

“I do want to see that go back to normal.

“The rally last weekend is the only legitimate blocker to this at the moment.

“We actually don’t know right now whether those rallies on the weekend may have caused outbreaks. And we won’t know, my health advice is, for at least another week.

“It just puts a massive spanner in the works. By all means, raise your issue but by doing this they’ve put the whole track back to recovery at risks and, certainly, any further action on this front would be absolutely unacceptable.”

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