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‘Premier, stop appeasing the left!’: Ray Hadley slams Premier over ‘bad call’

Ray Hadley has launched a sensational attack on Gladys Berejiklian after she blamed chaos in Canberra for losing a seat that has been held by the Liberals for more than 60 years.

A by-election for the regional seat of Wagga Wagga was forced by the resignation of local MP Daryl Maguire over a corruption scandal.

The NSW Premier has sighted the leadership spill and the corruption scandal engulfing Mr Maguire as contributors to a 29 per cent swing against them in the primary vote.

The result is being seen as the first test of voter sentiment since Canberra’s leadership spill.

“Is it any wonder the Liberal Pary has lost after six decades the seat of Wagga Wagga?” says Ray.

“You (Gladys Berejiklian)¬†promoted a dud candidate with precious little connection to the area. That was your captain’s call, bad call.

“The Premier is beholden to the left-leaning local MPs in Sydney, not in Wagga Wagga.

“She needs to make sure she starts to listen to her conservative base, not the fringe liberal Green in inner-city Sydney seats.

“Premier, stop appeasing the left!

“Stop acting like a left-wing government, you’re a right-wing government in New South Wales… and maybe then you’ll reconnect with the electorate.”

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