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Premier has no answers for 13,000 homes STILL without power

Premier Gladys Berejiklian has no answers for 13,000 homes and businesses that remain without power since Tuesday’s freak storm.

Extreme winds tore through Sydney’s northern suburbs, bringing down thousands of trees and power poles and plunging more than 70,000 properties into darkness.

Extra crews are arriving from Newcastle today to assist with the repairs but some residents have been told they could be without power until next week.

Thousands warned they’ll stay in the dark into the weekend

Alan Jones grilled the Premier, questioning if this is a result of the government’s decision to sell-off the poles and wires.

Ms Berejiklian says she’s been chasing the power companies for answers.

“I ask people why is this happening after so many days since Tuesday and I’ve been told that literally telegraph poles were cut in half, uprooted.

“And as you appreciate, you can’t just send in anybody.

“If you have wires down and it’s very technical electrical work, people could endanger themselves if they don’t know what they’re doing.

“I appreciate the frustration… it’s been quite devastating.”

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Alan says it’s not good enough and questions why the army hasn’t been called in to help.

“You have the power to request Canberra to declare this area a national disaster.

“Why don’t you ask the federal government to declare this thing and get these people [the army] to clean this thing up.”