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Premier announces boost to paramedic numbers, thanks Ben Fordham for ‘vigilant’ campaign

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750 new paramedics and call centre staff will be employed as part of the state government’s $1-billion budget allocation for ambulance services.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard says the first 200 recruits will be trained and deployed across the state within the next year.

Speaking with Ben Fordham, Premier Gladys Berejiklian thanks him for his ‘vigilant’ campaign on the need to boost paramedic numbers.

“You have been absolutely vigilant on this issue Ben, so congratulations to you and everyone who’s been supporting you on this.”

The Premier says it will improve safety for paramedics by ensuring there are at least two with every vehicle.

“It takes the pressure off existing paramedics, but also ensures that we can have more units out there, more people out there on the ground where they’re needed.

“This is the first time in a long time all these areas are getting addressed, and I’m incredibly proud of that.”

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Health Services Union Secretary Gerard Hayes tells Ben the announcement is a “victory for the people of New South Wales”.

“People will be looked after going forward and paramedics will be protected having two on each vehicle, so it’s great news.

“This is above way politics, this is about looking after people, looking after paramedics and the government’s done well and truly the right thing.”

Mr Hayes says recruitment will begin in the next two to three weeks.

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